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Caitlyn H.
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• 3/24/2017

I would like to adopt this wiki - please share your thoughts!

We want to delete an extraneous page created by a troll user, but only wiki admins have page deletion rights. It doesn't appear that this wiki has an active admin group, so we can ask to adopt it. One of the first things I would like to do after becoming one of EverWing Wiki's admins is to delete the "WHERES ALL THE USEFUL STUFF" page.

If we aren't able to adopt the wiki and delete the page, we could try to repurpose it (for example the Sidekicks page is getting long; maybe we can split it up.)
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• 3/26/2017
I wholeheartedly agree. ChristineARuffin is the biggest contributor on this wiki, and we need some help with dealing with these trolls/vandalists. I'm quite active on the wiki as well (I try to feed ChristineARuffin correct information so that he/she can keep the wiki up-to-date), and I've never seen the original makers of this wiki do anything, they probably quit playing the game months ago.
• 8/14/2017
Eh, sorry for bumping this old post but looks like that nobody has managed to even requesting for adopt the wiki.. .-.

Of course having lack of active users' opinion could delay the adoption process or lead the adoption become refused by them, but I think it's better than having no requests.
• 9/27/2017
Please allow her to adopt and update. This fandom is out of date. Thank you
• 9/28/2017
@Kat056: Hey, please notice that it's done. If you have anything regarding the wiki, please let me know in my Message Wall. c:
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