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Between waves of monsters, there are bosses that have significantly higher hitpoints. Most will also attack with projectiles. Currently, the only means of destroying projectiles is with the Power Shot ability of certain Sidekicks.

Bosses may be given alternate appearances such as during the Halloween event. However, their attributes and standard weaknesses remain unchanged.

* Note that all description of bosses can be found in Raid section.
Name Image Description
Monster King
Element: Normal (Weak to Shadow)
Legend has it, he was the first monster. A nobleman seeking power, he broke the seal on an ancient, dark tomb. All that remains is the drive to spread monster kind far and wide.
Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 1.56.20 AM.png
Element: Nature (Weak to Fire)
No one, and no thing, is safe from the corruption of monsters. Mildred was the eldest tree in the Whispering Forest. Turned to darkness, she left her home with a new found hunger.
Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 1.57.00 AM.png
Element: Toxic (Weak to Nature)
Fluffy's appetite is insatiable! Back home he subsisted on a steady diet of fungus cupcakes, candied slime, curdled blood pudding, and of course his new favorite: fairies!
Monster Queen
Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 1.55.40 AM.png
Element: Shadow (Weak to Light)
Once an all powerful summoner, trained at EverWing Academy, the Monster Queen's thirst for power led her to make a pact with the King. She cannot be forgiven for her betrayal!
Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 10.16.04 AM.png
Element: Ice (Weak to Fire)
In a frozen cavern, deep in the Cloud Peak Mountains, monsters buried a dark gemstone, seeking to harness the elements. Years later, Spike the Ice Golem emerged.
Ice Queen
Element: Ice (Weak to Fire)
Filled with an icy rage after the Guardians defeated her pet, Spike, the Ice Queen kidnapped Arcana to steal her powerful magic - planning the ultimate revenge on the warm-bloods.
Dr. Mekaniak
Dr. Mekaniac.jpg
Element: Metal (Weak to Water)
(info currently unavailable)

Attack Patterns[]

Each boss has a set of attacks, some of which develop new traits at stage 5 of a run or between lvl1-3 of a raid (excluding the Monster Queen who only spawns at stage 4 or above).


Attack order Description Stage 5 trait Image
1st Raises one arm (opposite side to the spray) and fires small projectiles in an arc over one half of the screen (alternating sides) 4 times in sequence. No longer alternates sides, becomes randomised.
2nd Raises both arms and fires 3 or 4 evenly distributed small projectiles in an arc across the whole screen (alternating between 3 and 4) 3 times in sequence. No longer alternates sides, becomes randomised.

Note that the number of the projectiles of the 2nd attack will increase to 5 or 6 eventually.


Attack order Description Stage 5 trait Image
1st Slowly descends vertically, touching fluffy kills the player. Fluffy moves side to side when descending
2nd After looking angry for a randomised length of time fluffy rapidly descends. When fluffy reaches the bottom, it ascends back to the top of the screen. Sideways movement continues during dive.
3rd When fluffy's health bar reaches 0, fluffy splits into 2 smaller fluffys each with 1/2 maximum health of the original. This can happen 3 times (max 8 fluffys). If a Fluffy is killed mid-dive, the child fluffys retain the height it dived to. All split fluffys move side to side at slightly different speeds.

In raids, cause the number of the fluffies is depended by the health remained. So you can find a fluffy "revives" after a run. The health of every fluffy is:

Fluffy size Health per fluffy
Whole (initial) 25% of total health
Half (after 1 split) 25%/2 = 12.5% of total health
Quarter (2 splits) 25%/4 = 6.25% of total health
1/8 (3 splits) 25%/8 = 3.125% of total health

If the remaining of the total health is over 50% in raids, the run will start with two half-fluffies with the same health.

If the remaining of the total health is over 25% in raids, the run will start with 4 quarter-fluffies with the same health.

If the remaining of the total health is under 25% in raids, the run will start with 8 1/8-fluffies with the same health, no matter how many 1/8-fluffies you've killed in the previous run.

Monster King[]

Attack order Description Stage 5 trait Image
N/A Fires varying sizes of slow moving projectiles randomly in a cone, the number and size maximum depend on monster level. Projectile cone increases angle and projectiles can now bounce off walls.
N/A Fires fast moving projectiles from staff aimed at the players location, size and number depend on both monster level and the amount of time spent fighting it. None noted
N/A Fires a random mixture of the two above attacks. N/A

Monster Queen[]

Attack order Description Stage 5 trait Image
1st Summons 2 random distinct spirits (of fire, water or wind), one after another, which attack periodically. N/A
2nd Summons a small vortex in line with the player. N/A
Fire Elemental Fires 4 small projectiles at the players position. N/A


Fires 2 slow moving homing projectiles (only horizontal velocity can vary). N/A


Fires a number of gravity effected projectiles in an arc above itself. N/A

If at any time a spirit is killed, the monster queen will re-summon a new spirit before attacking with her vortex again. But sometimes (especially in raids) she will summon a vortex when she's summoning a new spirit.

In Raids, Monster Queen will drop a Clover or a Mushroom every time a Spirit is killed or every time the player inflicts 20,000 damage.


Attack Order Description Stage 5 trait Image
N/A Throws snowballs that hit the sides of the screen about halfway up and split, creating new smaller snowballs that fan out in an arc.
N/A Raises arms over head, turns orange, and shakes the screen to create ice spikes on the ceiling that fall randomly, and shake right before they fall
During/After other attacks Ice-spike emerges from the bottom of the screen.

Spike will attack in the order of snowballs - bottom spike - ceiling spike (& bottom spike in raids) - snowballs. But he could start the fight with snowballs or ceiling spike.

Dr. Mekaniak[]

Attack Order Description Stage 5 Trait Image
N/A "EXPLOSIONS!!! Hahahaha!", "Locked... loaded... FIRE!!!!" Shoots a pair of missiles from the sides of the vehicle directly at the player's current position.
N/A "Say hello to my little friend!", "Minimech, seek and destroy", "Give Minimech a big hug!" Deploys drones that move from side to side and drop slowly toward the ground. Contact with a drone will kill the player. When a drone reaches the bottom of the screen, it will explode. This explosion covers approximately half of the width of the area where the player can move.
N/A "How about another round... on me?", "MAYHEM! HAHAHAHA!" Shoots two spinning weapons in circles across the screen.


Dr. Mekaniac can move to a lower-left, lower-right, lower-centre, or upper-centre position on the screen and listen carefully to the audio cues (in quotation marks) to easily predict the attacks.

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