Do not confuse with Heart Crystals that're created by the sidekick lines Baucisius and Philomena.

Crystals are drop item that can drop when defeat Monster, Armored Loot Goblin or Treasure Chest.


There are 3 types of Crystal. Each is another unit of coin, with larger quantity.

Item Image Effect
Purple Crystal Amethyst Adds +10 score and 10 Coin (Currency)
Red Crystal Ruby Adds +20 score and 20 Coin (Currency)
Aqua Crystal Diamond Adds +40 score and 40 Coin (Currency)


Defeat a monster have a chance to drop items, including crystals.

Armored Loot GoblinEdit

Armored Loot Goblin

Attack the Armored Loot Goblin drop coins. There is a chance it also drop crystals.

Defeat him and a rain of crystals will drop out.

Treasure ChestEdit


Familiar to the Goblin, destroy the Chests also create a rain of crystals.

Associated GuardianEdit


The Guardian Arcana may cast Dragonspell: Gemfire:

  • Dragonspell: Gemfire: Treasure sidekicks spawn up to 6 crystals of a quality equivalent to the current monster level

Associated SidekickEdit

  • Note: There are sidekicks that effect the Chests. They also effect the rate you gain Crystals.


  • The term Gems now uses to the premium currency that usually is obtained rarely without purchase them with cash.[1] The previous "Gems" now renamed into "Crystals".


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