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Lily: Guardian of Fortune is one of Guardians. She is the third unlocked Guardian you can buy.


Bio: A master Alchemist and Mage of the Third Order, she earns 2x Coins. Cha-ching!

Unlock at: Lv. 6

Availability: Buy with 30,000 Coins.




It’s been said that some people are simply born with an affinity for magic. Such was clearly the case for Lily. The craft of alchemy came to her as naturally as breathing and eating. It was a gift she took great pride in, and a talent she carefully fostered.
Her skill caught the attention of the High Council who recruited the girl to join their ranks. Under their tutelage, she continued her arcane studies and assisted them in their quest for immortality. Lily was one of the first to recognize the signs of trouble. Dark omens and magical backlashes appeared more frequently with every new experiment they tried. She voiced her concerns but to no avail - the Council persisted in their work at full steam. Unfortunately, Lily’s predictions came true all too soon.
The magic escaped the Council’s control and shattered the barriers of reality. A rift forged from their hubris appeared and with it, the monsters. Already resigned to the fate she foresaw, Lily salvaged critical documents and valuables before leaving the other council members to fend for themselves. She forged a small sanctuary in the Cloud Peak Mountains where she houses the Council’s possessions and carries out further research on how to seal the rift.

Bauble Bauble (sidekick) can be found in the background picture shared on facebook.

Voice responses[]

Equip A wiiissse investment!
Get the item Perfection! (high voice) Perfection. (low voice) I'll take that! Outta my way!
In Quest Happiness can't buy money.
Dying Im-possible! This can be! Nnooo!!!


  • All of the voice responses that more than one are exist randomly in gameplay;
  • The dubber of the Guardians is still unknown.