Neve: Guardian of Rage is one of the Guardians. She is the sixth unlocked Guardian you can get without level required and by completing the Raid Event Highland Showdown from the Magical or Ancient Chests.


Bio: A vengeful berseker! Attacks charge her bouncing axe, which deals 15x Nature DMG per second! Catch it to refill 50% charge.

Availability: Participate the Raid Event Highland Showdown and get a chance to receive this Guardian as a Reward from the Magical or Ancient Chests.



Many years ago, Neve found a strange creature in the woods of her highland home. Initially shy and afraid, she won its trust with scraps of food. She named her voracious new friend Fluffy. Every day, she would bring it more things to eat.
And it ate.
And ate.
And ate.

One day, she returned to find her home ransacked.

Fluffy had eaten everything. The food, the animals, her parents…She set off to hunt down her runaway pet, but it was nowhere to be found. As the years passed, her grief gave way to rage. And like Fluffy, it grew, and grew… until it consumed her.

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