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Adventure Guild

The Quests are one feature of EverWing located in the Adventure Guild, where the players can gather rewards.

The Adventure Guild is the fourth building unlocked, after Hall of Champions.


To start a quest, the player must select at least one Guardian to proceed and one or two sidekicks can be added in optional.

Once the quest has finished, the player can claim the reward earning Coins and Sidekicks exp depending on how many monsters and bosses had been defeated.

List of Quests[]

Whispering forest.png
Whispering Forest
Quest Time
24 Hours
Reward Bonus
x10 (x0.417 per hour)

Did you hear that? They say these woods are haunted by awful creatures! Many who enter the Whispering Forest never come out. The land has a way of leading travelers astray. Do you have the courage to discover its secrets?

Mystic islands.png
Mystic Islands
Quest Time
1 Hour
Reward Bonus
x1 (x1 per hour)

Chains of lush islands stretch out across the sapphire waters. But beware! Sinister creatures lurk both above and below. Are you daring enough to test your mettle against the monsters which await you?

Silverwind desert.png
Silverwind Desert
Quest Time
2 Hours
Reward Bonus
x4 (x2 per hour)

The vast desert is a place of both mystery and danger. Many secrets hide beneath its glittering sands. But heed caution for monsters prowl this area, always eager to add the remains of unlucky travelers to their dwellings.

Cloud peak mountains.png
Cloud Peak Mountains
Quest Time
4 Hours
Reward Bonus
x8 (x2 per hour)

These mountains are certainly a lovely sight, but also quite deadly. Adventure lurks all around their cloud-wreathed crests. But so does a menacing force which plagues the land. Only a brave soul like you can thwart it. Are you up to the challenge?

Darkfire volcanos.png
Darkfire Volcanoes
Quest Time
8 Hours
Reward Bonus
x16 (x2 per hour)

Holy Smokes! Look at all those rivers of lava and blasts of fire. Those floating flame crystals keep this inferno cooking. Only the most stalwart venture into the volcano to face such peril. No guts, no glory! Forge ahead to seek your prize.

The neverend.png
The Neverend
Quest Time
24 Hours
Reward Bonus
x48 (x2 per hour)

The Neverend is an endless void, littered with remnants of another time. It is said that monsters first appeared in this darkness. Ancient relics are still hidden throughout the hidden masses. If you could find one, you might be able to restore some of what was lost.

Shadow Dojo.png
Shadow Dojo
Quest Time
1 Hour
Reward Bonus
x12 (x12 per hour)

Requires watching a Video.
Shrouded in mystery, and the shadows of the Cloud Peak Mountains, this distant hideaway was Jade's home, before it was overrun by Monsters. Venture forth - discover what lost treasures await!

City of Storms.png
City of Storms
Quest Time
2 Hours
Reward Bonus
x20 (x10 per hour)

Requires watching a Video.
The City of Storms is a prison in the clouds. The ubiquitous lightning storms prevent escape, but this sky jail has remained unguarded for years. Scout the premises for Monsters!

Rewards and Effects[]

Doing Quests allow you to get coins,trophies, and training xp for your sidekicks by using Guardians you are not using. There are many factors that affect the outcome.

Rewards Calculation[]


G = Level of the Guardian

S1 = Level of the Left Sidekick

S2 = Level of the Right Sidekick

R = Reward Bonus


s = (G + 0.25*S1 + 0.25*S2 + 65)/2

MS = floor(10*R*s)

MK = floor(MS*(.6 + .4*(%random))

BK = floor(.01*MS)

%BK = (s/BK)/BS = 80% to 90%

Pxp = MK + 50*BK

Sxp = MK + 50*BK

CP = Pxp/2

CE = floor(CP*(.6 + .4*(%random))


MS = Monsters Spawned

MK = Monsters Killed

BS = Bosses To Spawn

BK = Bosses Killed

Pxp = Player XP

Sxp = Sidekick XP

CP = Coins Possible

CE = Coins Earned

Example: Say Mystic Islands Quest for a Level 50 Fiona, a Level 1 Raggles, and a Level 1 Flo

G = Level of the Guardian = 50 for Level 50 Fiona
S1 = Level of the Left Sidekick = 1 for Level 1 Raggles
S2 = Level of the Right Sidekick = 1 for Level 1 Flo
R = Reward Bonus = x1 for Mystic Islands
s = ([50] + 0.25*[1] + 0.25*[1] + 65)/2 = [57.75]
MS = floor(10*[1]*[57.75]) = [577]
MK = floor([577]*(.6 + .4*([say 21%])) = [394]
BK = floor(.01*[577]) = [5]
%BK = ([57.75]/[5])/[say 13] = [88.846%]
Pxp = [394] + 50*[5] = [644]
Sxp = ([394] + 50*[5])*(2 for Fiona's ability) = [1288] for both Sidekicks
CP = [644]/2 = [322]
CE = floor([322]*(.6 + .4*([say 21%])) = [225]
MS = Monsters Spawned = 577
MK = Monsters Killed = 394
BS = Bosses To Spawn = 13
BK = Bosses Killed = 5
Pxp = Player XP = 644
Sxp = Sidekick XP = 1288
CP = Coins Possible = 322
CE = Coins Earned = 225

*The level of the Sidekicks also effect the outcome with the following scheme:

XP: (Hero.level + (xp from all sidekicks on quest)/17000 + 65)*5*multiplier*random(1.1to1.5)
Coin: (Hero.level + (xp from all sidekicks on quest) / 17000 + 65)*5*multiplier*0.5

Quest Time Calculation[]


 g = 1 when questing with Sophia
s1 = s2 = 0.25 when questing with Lysenthius family (left/right)

s1 = s2 = 0.30 when questing with Pegasus Dragons [Pathfinder] (left/right)

Otherwise, let g = s1 = s2 = 0

t = Regular Quest Time

Final Quest Time:

T = t/(1 + g + s1 + s2)

Guardians Effect[]

The Quest outcome is based on the Guardian you use.

Using different guardians to do quests usually doesn't affect the outcome. However, there are 3 guardians who do and are more recommended to send to quests than others.

Fiona the Guardian of Dragons
Bio: She was born in the wilds and raised by dragons. When dragons fly with her, they earn 2x XP!
Unlock at: Lv. 2
Availability: Buy with 1,000 Coins

Sophia the Guardian of Adventure
Bio: Renowned explorer, inventor, and scientist, she is 2x faster completing Quests!
Unlock at: Lv. 3
Availability: Buy with 12,000 Coins

Lily the Guardian of Fortune
Bio: A master Alchemist and Mage of the Third Order, she earns 2x Coins. Cha-ching!
Unlock at: Lv. 6
Availability: Buy with 30,000 Coins

Guardian Level also effect the outcome. The higher your Guardian level, the more coin you get from Quest.

Sidekick Effect[]

Lysenthius family and Pegasus Dragons are recommended for questing due to their abilities to reduce quest time. So far, only Lysenthius and Pegasus Sidekicks have the quest-related sidekick abilities.

Estel Estellis Lysenthius
Rank.png Rank.pngRank.png Rank.pngRank.pngRank.png
41 70 88 90 113 144
Adventure supplies help complete quests 25% faster.

Ara Ares Martius
Rank.png Rank.pngRank.png Rank.pngRank.pngRank.png
50 84 105 108 135 173
Boss-seeking homing attack. Completes Quests 30% faster.

Gigi Gaea Terra
Rank.png Rank.pngRank.png Rank.pngRank.pngRank.png
46 77 97 100 124 159
+40% item chance. Completes Quests 30% faster.

Som Somnus Erebus
Rank.png Rank.pngRank.png Rank.pngRank.pngRank.png
46 77 97 100 124 159
+40% item duration. Completes Quests 30% faster.

Aero Aeron Aetherion
Rank.png Rank.pngRank.png Rank.pngRank.pngRank.png
52 88 110 113 141 180
+40% Rush Flowers, +40% Crystals from Chests. Completes Quests 30% faster.

Po Ponee Oceanus
Rank.png Rank.pngRank.png Rank.pngRank.pngRank.png
28 47 59 61 76 97
Triple spread attack, Poisons (500% damage over 2s). Completes Quests 30% faster.

Pega Peggie Fortuna
Rank.png Rank.pngRank.png Rank.pngRank.pngRank.png
60 102 127 131 164 209
Boss-seeking homing attack, +50% damage to Bosses. Completes Quests 30% faster.


  • Before the Quests Shadow Dojo and City of Storms were revealed at September 25th 2017, they were displayed in Messenger notices regarding the Quests as an early sneak peek for the players.
  • Quests are introduced in the first EverWing Event, the Reckoning.
  • Quests is ever deleted on version 7 and spawned back on version 8 with the new system.Source