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The following information indicates skills of sidekicks:

List of Skills[]

Skill Effect Stage 3 Users Arcana Dragonspell
Skill Amplify.png
Item effects last 40% longer. Kiwig Kiwig, Jinlong Jinlong, Theodore Theodore, Tohnati Tohnati, Leavesley Leavesley, Tuskan Tuskan, Erebus Erebus, Micticas Micticas, Poseidyn Poseidyn, Mercuria Mercuria Rush
Skill Bombastic.png
+60% chance of Bomb-Bats appearing. Infernus Infernus, Vulcanic Vulcanic, Scorciatus Scorciatus, Coqistar (Old) Coqistar (Old), Coqistar Coqistar Shockwave
Skill Boss Homing.png
Boss Homing
Attacks home in on Bosses. Bullets deal 100% damage. Martius Martius, Baucisius Baucisius, Philomena Philomena, Fortuna Fortuna
Skill Boss Killer.png
Boss Killer
Deals +50% damage to Bosses. Kiwig Kiwig, Maximar Maximar, Magnanimous Magnanimous, Lurelith (Old) Lurelith (Old), Sparzelle Sparzelle, Cygnelia Cygnelia, Lurelith Lurelith, Tohnati Tohnati, Itzamatul Itzamatul, Conthargos Conthargos, Laceratius Laceratius, Silvar Silvar, Bakunawa Bakunawa, Lordanos (Old) Lordanos (Old), Corvenus Corvenus, Lordanos Lordanos, Baloubet Baloubet, Panzerbjorn Panzerbjorn, Pharocius Pharocius, Fortuna Fortuna Shockwave
Skill Brute Force.png
Brute Force
Deals +10% damage to enemies. Viktorius Viktorius, Maranasaur Maranasaur, Cornelius Cornelius, Sparzelle Sparzelle, Landadel Landadel, Giljanero Giljanero, Mooneater Mooneater, Sailmander Sailmander, Urselius Urselius
Skill Champion.png
+40% Trophies from Cups. +20% damage to Bosses and Loot Goblins. Lancelot Lancelot, Maximilian Maximilian, Rhapsodus Rhapsodus, Trixoticus Trixoticus, Mercuria Mercuria
Skill Charm.png
Attacks apply Charm to Monsters, slowing them by 50% for 3s. Vicza Vicza, Amorice Amorice, Desmodontes Desmodontes Timeslow
Skill Chilling Breath.png
Chilling Breath
Attacks apply Chill to enemies, slowing them by 35% for 2s. Darkfrost Darkfrost, Etrusco Etrusco, Xero Xero, Deliquess Deliquess, Tempestius Tempestius, Kalleesa Kalleesa, Panzerbjorn Panzerbjorn Timeslow
Deep Freeze[]
Freezes enemies for 2.5s (4s if weak to Water). When it shatters, it deals 10% of enemies' max HP as Water damage. Carnelia Carnelia,Citrinia Citrinia,Aventuria Aventuria,Thysia Thysia,Marinia Marinia,Lazuria Lazuria,Sobek Sobek Timeslow
Skill Dual Spread.png
Dual Spread
Attacks in a dual spread pattern. Bullets deal 60% damage. Vulcanic Vulcanic, Suldal (Old) Suldal (Old), Suldal Suldal, Sarangay Sarangay, Ray & Ian Ray & Ian, Talok Talok, Yavethior Yavethior Shockwave
Skill Flower Power.png
Flower Power
Every 6s, there is a 50% chance for a Marigold to drop, which grants +50% Guardian attack damage for 4s. Ziocatel Ziocatel, Tohnati Tohnati, Sochipilly Sochipilly, Micticas Micticas, Talok Talok Shockwave
Skill Fluffy Killer.png
Fluffy Killer
Deals +50% damage to Fluffy. Laceratius Laceratius Shockwave
Skill Goldsmith.png
Monsters have a 10% chance to drop double the usual amount of Coins. Renosaur Renosaur, Bellows Bellows, Hartumas Hartumas, Emprer Emprer, Pikadron Pikadron, Zimequest Zimequest, Ilcogena Ilcogena, Crestacia Crestacia
Skill Homing.png
Attacks home in on enemies. Bullets deal 100% damage. Ziocatel Ziocatel, Maranasaur Maranasaur, Lancelot Lancelot, Furleone Furleone, Lurelith (Old) Lurelith (Old), Sarangay Sarangay, Lurelith Lurelith, Lumina Lumina, Rhapsodus Rhapsodus, Eclipsis Eclipsis, Umbrasaur Umbrasaur, Darkfrost Darkfrost, Trixoticus Trixoticus, Tsuna Tsuna, Tempestius Tempestius, Yavethior Yavethior, Prismaticus Prismaticus, Pharocius Pharocius Shockwave
Skill Ice Queen Killer.png
Ice Queen Killer
Deals +50% damage to Ice Queen. Praefurnium Praefurnium Shockwave
Skill King Killer.png
King Killer
Deals +50% damage to Monster King. Corvenus Corvenus Shockwave
Skill Lucky.png
+20% chance to find Clovers. Maximilian Maximilian, Nikolas Nikolas Rush
Skill Madcap.png
+20% chance to find Mushrooms. Rhapsodus Rhapsodus, Krampus Krampus Rush
Skill Magnetic.png
+40% chance to find Magnets. Minerva Minerva, Mercuria Mercuria Rush
Skill Magpie.png
+100% chance to find Crystals from Monsters. Suldal (Old) Suldal (Old), Suldal Suldal, Lampong Lampong, Umbrasaur Umbrasaur, Diablesse Diablesse, Jemtwyst Jemtwyst, Kalleesa Kalleesa Gemfire
Skill Mekaniak Killer.png
Mekaniak Killer
Deals +50% damage to Dr. Mekaniak. Voltantis Voltantis Shockwave
Skill Monster Killer.png
Monster Killer
Deals +30% damage to Monsters. Ragore Ragore, Florastyx Florastyx, Conthargos Conthargos, Venumnarius Venumnarius Shockwave
Skill Pathfinder.png
Completes Quests 30% faster. Martius Martius, Aetherion Aetherion, Terra Terra, Erebus Erebus, Oceanus Oceanus, Fortuna Fortuna
Skill Pay Day.png
Pay Day
+40% Crystals from Treasure Chests. Hartumas Hartumas, Aetherion Aetherion, Sorceros Sorceros Gemfire
Skill Poison Breath.png
Poison Breath
Attacks apply Poison to enemies, which deals 500% damage over 2s.[1] Mordroth Mordroth, Itzamatul Itzamatul, Mephititus Mephititus, Venumnarius Venumnarius, Krampus Krampus, Lordanos Lordanos, Buwaya Buwaya, Oceanus Oceanus Shockwave
Skill Power Shot.png
Power Shot
Every 5s, launch a Power Shot that deals 1000% damage and destroys Meteors in a small area. Bellows Bellows, Sparzelle Sparzelle, Leavesley Leavesley, Mephititus Mephititus, Deliquess Deliquess, Prismaticus Prismaticus Shockwave
Skill Queen Killer.png
Queen Killer
Deals +50% damage to Monster Queen. Cygnelia Cygnelia Shockwave
Skill Roses Are Red.png
Roses Are Red
Every 6s, there is a 50% chance for a Red Heart to drop, which grants +15% Guardian attack speed for 4s. Baucisius Baucisius Shockwave
Skill Rush Hour.png
Rush Hour
+40% chance to find Rush Flowers. Feandroth Feandroth, Fiersun Fiersun, Bellows Bellows, Aetherion Aetherion, Blitzen Blitzen, Sochipilly Sochipilly Rush
Skill Scavenger.png
+20% chance to find items. Jinlong Jinlong, Theodore Theodore, Suldal Suldal, Rolandron Rolandron, Cornelius Cornelius, Maximilian Maximilian, Tribanea Tribanea, Terra Terra, Tuskan Tuskan, Bakunawa Bakunawa, Micticas Micticas Rush
Skill Scout.png
Completes Quests 25% faster. Lysenthius Lysenthius
Skill Slow Aura.png
Slow Aura
Monsters move 10% slower. Furleone Furleone, Celeste Celeste, Lurelith Lurelith, Corradinius Corradinius, Frigidus Frigidus Timeslow
Skill Snow Cone.png
Snow Cone
Every 5s, launch a Snow Cone that slows enemies by 35% and destroys Meteors and bullets. Theodore Theodore, Minerva Minerva, Blitzen Blitzen, Prancer Prancer, Panzerbjorn Panzerbjorn Timeslow
Skill Spike Killer.png
Spike Killer
Deals +50% damage to Spike. Magnanimous Magnanimous Shockwave
Skill Sticky Claws.png
Sticky Claws
Increases item collection reach by 40. (Base reach is 80.) Hartumas Hartumas, Rochelais Rochelais, Nikolas Nikolas, Conthargos Conthargos, Coqistar Coqistar, Diablesse Diablesse, Baloubet Baloubet, Pharocius Pharocius Rush
Skill Synergy.png
+20% chance to find Guardian skill items. Lancelot Lancelot
Skill Treasure Hunter.png
Treasure Hunter
+25% chance of Treasure Chests appearing. Glorious Rex Glorious Rex, Rochelais Rochelais, Celeste Celeste, Forrest Forrest, Amorice Amorice, Coqistar (Old) Coqistar (Old), Coqistar Coqistar, Buwaya Buwaya, Kalleesa Kalleesa, Prismaticus Prismaticus Gemfire
Skill Trick or Treat.png
Trick or Treat
Every 12s, a Pumpkin appears, which has a 50% chance to drop treasure. Scorciatus Scorciatus, Cornelius Cornelius, Lumina Lumina, Venumnarius Venumnarius, Sorceros Sorceros, Frigidus Frigidus
Skill Triple Spread.png
Triple Spread
Attacks in a triple spread pattern. Bullets deal 50% damage. Maximar Maximar, Vicza Vicza, Etrusco Etrusco, Prancer Prancer, Lordanos (Old) Lordanos (Old), Sorceros Sorceros, Lordanos Lordanos, Oceanus Oceanus Shockwave
Skill Violets Are Blue.png
Violets Are Blue
Every 6s, there is a 50% chance for a Blue Heart to drop, which grants +15% Guardian attack speed for 4s. Philomena Philomena Shockwave
Skill Wild Card.png
Wild Card
Potent "Wild Card" magic enhances the skills of Aurora, Lenore, Jade, and Arcana by 50%.[2] Trixoticus Trixoticus, Urselius Urselius Shockwave, Timeslow, Gemfire, Rush


  1. Once the enemy gets hit, they take damage equal to 5 times the damage of one shot over 2 seconds of time. Knowing that sidekicks attack at a rate of 10 shots per second, this means that poison effect is equivalent to 5 times the base damage distributed in 20 shots, or 25% of the base damage per shot in 2 seconds. This damage won't stack if the enemy is hit multiple times, meaning, the duration of the poison damage will just reset.
  2. * Aurora + Wildcard: +50% Magnetic Reach
    • Lenore + Wildcard: +50% Ghostform Damage
    • Jade + Wildcard: +50% Shadowform Duration
    • Arcana + Wildcard: +50% Dragonspells Power and Duration