EverWing Wiki

EverWing has been updated so much since it came out, all the information on Fandom site is out dated. It needs to be updated. Like you don’t do quests the same anymore. You can’t send multiple fairies out on quests. You can only send 1 fairy on a quest now. The egg searcher fairy which I think is Fiona or Sophia. Then the game just scrolls must of the time of a lot of the players can’t get in. The bosses drop on you. when you watch the free video to get the free blasts and potion, the game starts before the video is over. Game Closure isn’t updating anything with the game. They haven’t responded to any players on their Facebook Official Site since 2019. Same thing on Twitter. Then when the players send a text to EverWing on messenger they don’t get a reply. I haven’t gotten any replies since April of 2020. Please will you do something these issue?