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Today I am going to explain about the new sequel, EverWing Tourament. This game also created by Game Closure. I NEED MORE FAAKING SOURCE TO CREATE THIS BLOG AND EVERWING OFFICIAL HAS NOT RELEASED THEIR NEW STATUS ABOUT THEIR NEW SEQUELS.

Yeah, as the first article of guide, I have to make it more understandable. This is a basic guide of EverWing Tournament. EverWing Tournament is an arcade game that focuses to reach more stars in leaderboard. Every level has 3 stars with 3 mission that shall be reached flawlessly, or with flaw (1 star or 2 stars). You cannot repeat the level because it keeps going after finishing the level.

User Interface

Map This is your first landing. Contains Wings Chest, Star Chest, Star Tournament, Wing Rush, ADS, and your level.
Wings Chest is a chest that can only opened every increase 10 levels.
Stars Chest is a chest that can only opened with stars.
Star Tournament is 24 hours session of your tournament. Reach more stars to beat your friends.
Wing Rush is a special ability when you keep going reach 3 stars every level.
ADS gives you more coins every watch an ADS.
Equip is a base to increase the guardians or buy them with gems.
Sky Shop offers you Lives, Gems, and Coins.


  1. Click on your level
  2. Select your boosters (optional)
  3. Play the game
  4. Follow the objectives! Objectives are your mission to get the stars. There are 3 missions: Pops the [minimal pops] monsters, Defeat the boss, and Above [minimal]% health. If you cannot reach one of them, you will get 1 or 2 stars. Every mission has 1 star
  5. Pops the monsters. If the mission said 30 monsters, you have to pops them minimal 30 monsters
  6. Defeat the Boss
  7. The level is finished
  8. Continue your level - repeat from number 1

Video gameplay

You can click here to see the video gameplay in Youtube. There is an error while I added video from Youtube.