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[PART 1]

Lyra, the Guardian of Might, is one of the Twelve Guardians in EverWing. She was a Grand Marshal in Royal EverWing Air Force and now she is a genius engineer with a pair of cannons. You all should know that she has unique physical apperance (such like Lucia). Not like other common fairies, Lyra has a pair of mechanical wings in her back. It makes me very curious to deep-dive her past by making some hypothesis about her past.

Before I explain about her apperance, let me classificate the guardians based on their wings. I found that the guardians are divided into: 1. Bird - Sophia and Lily 2. Dragonfly - Alice, Trixie, and Neve 3. Butterfly - Aurora and Lenore 4. Bat - Fiona and Lucia (ignore the monster apperance) 5. Special/multiclass - Jade, Arcana, Lyra

Based on her physical appreance, I start my hypothesis here. Lyra has a wing design that similar to butterfly (like Aurora). You can see that her forewings are larger than her hind wings. It means that little Lyra had a pair of butterfly wing. The question is where is her original wings while she uses mechanical wings? I suspect that her wings were broken due to The Cataclysm. Yes, she was one of the survivors who were ill-prepared to fight back. Her mother was passed away in that moment and her father cannot do amymore after that. Her arms and her legs? Those were okay. Almost a year to take treatments and Lyra had no wings; had been amputated post-Cataclysm. Before The Age of EverWing, Lyra's father made a pair of mechanical wings for her. So, she can fly like usual fairies.

Her armors are also made in their workshop. The cannons are her biggest invention as her weapon in REAF. Lyra wears REAF hat with her brown hair that gradiant to maroon, guardian gem on her breastplate, white robe with gold collar, brass pauldrons, light-blue short skirt, and a set of the lower leg armor that easy to assemble.

Fun fact: Lyra was born in the mid of July when she appeared as Coming Soon fairy. Maybe on 23, 24, or 25 of July.