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Collagen Collagen 19 January 2018

The lores regarding Bosses

Just have collected official lore regarding bosses:

Fluffy is one of the deadly Bosses you will face! Play instantly to see if you can triumph over Fluffy!

While most Fairies can defeat the typical Monsters with ease, there are also Boss Monsters 👿 that are a challenge to even the most skilled Fairy. Don’t be fooled to cuddle up with Fluffy, it has devoured plenty of hapless adventurers 💀. There are stories that say Fluffy cannot be defeated, that it only becomes more dangerous when it seems the weakest. Perhaps a brave Fairy can venture out and learn the truth about Fluffy.

Little is known about Fluffy’s origin. Some say that it lives up in the sky, spending its time eating birds, drinking up rain and sleeping on clouds 💨. Others say Fluffy …

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Collagen Collagen 14 August 2017

This wiki seriously needs an admin

As somebody already posted a thread pointing on the same issue before this blog post, the currently suffers in having no admins to dealing with those spam pages, spam comments and vandals, resulting in the wiki getting dirty.

So, as that thread has pointed out another thing which the only way to gain admin right in this wiki is Adopt this wiki.

Although being eligible to adopt an wiki could be strict if the one who requested to adopt this wiki is NOT genuine to care this wiki, with given notable reason from the Adoption guidelines.

Note that the term "Admins have been inactive for 60 days or more" simply gets pass seeing how we actually have no admins of this wiki:

  • You have not adopted another community in the last month
  • You are not currently b…
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