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Just have collected official lore regarding bosses:


Fluffy is one of the deadly Bosses you will face! Play instantly to see if you can triumph over Fluffy!

While most Fairies can defeat the typical Monsters with ease, there are also Boss Monsters 👿 that are a challenge to even the most skilled Fairy. Don’t be fooled to cuddle up with Fluffy, it has devoured plenty of hapless adventurers 💀. There are stories that say Fluffy cannot be defeated, that it only becomes more dangerous when it seems the weakest. Perhaps a brave Fairy can venture out and learn the truth about Fluffy.

Little is known about Fluffy’s origin. Some say that it lives up in the sky, spending its time eating birds, drinking up rain and sleeping on clouds 💨. Others say Fluffy comes from the ocean and is made from a toxic liquid found at the bottom of the sea 🌊. Either way, Fluffy isn’t too fond of Fairies.


Watch out for this tree-cherous plant, it’s truly flora-ibble! Play instantly and put this tree back into the ground where it belongs.

Fairies of the land have come to dread the lumbering Mildred. For hundreds of years it lived as a regular tree like any other, but one fateful day changed its arboraceous life forever 🌱. There once was a Fairy caught up in a dire fight with a Monster 😡. To defend herself, the Fairy blasted an impressive magical bolt through the air, but it missed the target ⚡. Plunging toward the forest, the projectile cleaved the branches from a massive tree. Intense magical power from the blast seeped into the very sap of the tree and bewitched its sylvan spirit. Seeing for the first time, the tree witnessed the battle overhead and vowed revenge upon the Fairies that broke its boughs 🍃.

Monster Queen(Source)

Is there any Monster more frightful than the Monster Queen!? Play instantly and see if you'll be the first one to reach the Queen

There are rumors that the evil Monster Queen used to be a fairy herself. She made a deal with the monsters to gain power, and now look at her...half monster herself. Are you happy Evil Queen? Are you???

There are some who say she has the ability to summon elemental minions to do her dark bidding, but no one has seen her yet. Will you be the first?

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